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Stock Environmental Consulting – Mold Inspection Atlantic Highlands

If you have mold in your place of business, you need to remove it right away for the safety and health of your employees and customers. Call Stock Environmental Consulting – Mold Inspection Atlantic Highlands and we’ll come out to inspect the suspicious area. Our experts can conduct trained, detailed mold testing, as well as asbestos and lead testing. Rest assured, we collaborate with other professionals such as engineers, architects, and home inspectors to ensure a thorough job.

Mold Inspection Atlantic HighlandsMold Inspection Atlantic Highlands – Services Offered in Atlantic Highlands

Here at Stock Environmental Consulting – Mold Inspection Atlantic Highlands, we trained our knowledgeable technicians on the latest mold detection services and technologies. Typical clients of ours range from building owners and managers to architects and real estate agents. We also provide services for schools and home owners.

Here’s a look at our services:

  • Mold testing and inspection
  • Moisture testing of building materials
  • Prevention, education and training
  • Determination of the presence, extent, amount, or identity of mold
  • Building inspections
  • Consulting
  • Referrals for mold removal
  • Assessment
  • Abatement design and management
  • Preparation of surveys showing conditions favorable for indoor mold growth
  • Infrared photography
  • Microbial mold samples (bulk, wipe, dust, soil, tape, vacuum)

Mold Removal in Atlantic Highlands

It’s true we do a lot when it comes to mold, but one service we don’t offer? Stock Environmental Consulting – Mold Inspection Atlantic Highlands. Rather, we will gladly refer you to a trained specialist in your town who has vast experience with actual removal. As a business or home, you need a licensed and certified technician to perform this task.

First, these professionals will begin by finding and removing the source of the mold, which is water. The next step is to apply a light mist to the area so dust doesn’t get stirred up. Then, the mold materials are carefully removed with gloved hands and enclosed in thick double plastic bags for safe disposal. Lastly, the area is thoroughly cleaned.

Mold Inspection Atlantic Highlands – Health Consequences of Mold

With safety and effectiveness at the forefront, our services are designed with your health in mind. Rely on our high-quality Stock Environmental Consulting – Mold Inspection Atlantic Highlands to prevent exposure to yourself, family and employees. Prolonged exposure to mold can cause:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Mold infections in the lungs
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Rashes
  • Eye and skin irritation

You should always know what mold looks like and encourage occupants to avoid it at all costs. Your first step is to call an expert. We can tell you exactly what mold is and what to look for. This type of fungi is black or brown in color, spreading promptly through spores in damp areas, such as bathrooms, attics and crawlspaces. We are one of the top firms for mold inspection and testing in all of NJ and NY, led by owner Wayne Stock.

Bolstered by 20 years of experience in mold testing, Stock Environmental Consulting – Mold Testing Atlantic Highlands can perform state of the art tests and inspections thanks to highly trained specialists. We want our clients to be as healthy and safe as possible.

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To find out more about Stock Environmental Consulting – Mold Inspection Atlantic Highlands, contact our experts as soon as possible, as it’s wise to have an expert assess the situation immediately. Call Stock Environmental Consulting today at 732-383-5190.

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