5 Ways to Keep Mold Out of Your Bathroom

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If left unchecked, mold — much like wrinkles or gray hair — would love to just spread out of control. And while allowing oneself to age gracefully is a lifestyle decision, letting mold run amok in your bathroom could create a serious threat to you and your family’s health.

To keep the yucky black stuff from taking over your bathroom, especially as the weather turns colder, you need to take some preventative measures every day unless you want to share your shower stall with some suspicious fungus.

Here are five ways to help keep mold out of your bathroom:

  • Ventilation is the name of the game

Let’s start with mold basics: to grow and flourish, it needs moisture. The best way, then, to prevent the black stuff from building up in your bathroom — the soggiest room of your house — is to keep the air flowing. If your bathroom lacks a window, it’s imperative that you add an exhaust fan to keep things moving. These fans pull moisture-laden air out of the room, but be sure to vent it outside and not into an attic or another area of the house. Also, measure to ensure it’s the right size for the room and that it’s near the tub or shower, but not too close to the heating and air conditioning vent, which will disrupt the fan’s intake. Turn the fan on before you hop in the shower and leave it running for about 30 minutes while you get gorgeous. Finally, it’s a good idea to keep shower curtains and doors open for a bit after you’re finished to prevent moisture build up.


  • (S)wipe left (and right, and up, and down)


One of the most effective things you can do is to squeegee down your walls every time you finish showering. With just a few flicks of your wrist, you’ll pretty much eliminate three-fourths of the moisture that supports mold and mildew growth. Dope.


  • Seal the deal


Think of grout as like that friend whose taste in men is dubious at best. You never understand what she’s thinking. Grout’s porous nature also makes it susceptible to inviting unwanted guests — like mold and mildew — especially after prolonged exposure to moisture. The best way to combat that is to reseal your grout lines annually to help them stand up to water, and give it a good scrub weekly to keep mildew at bay. As for your friend, you can only hope she comes to her senses on her own.


  • Bring in the big (cleaning) guns


One of the best ways to keep mold out of your bathroom is the time-honored tradition of applying a little elbow grease on a regular basis. There are plenty of products on the market geared towards preventing and eliminating mold and mildew. If you’re looking for less-toxic choices, just go online and you’ll uncover all sorts of more natural solutions to keeping mold out of the bathroom.


  • Wash rugs and towels on the reg


Mildew is sneaky and finds all sorts of places to hide in your bathroom. As such, you want to keep everything in there as dry as you can. Start by wiping off bottoms of any bottles and tubes in your shower and toss the shower curtain and hand towels into the wash. Ever go to dry yourself after a shower or bath and gotten a whiff of mildew just as your wrapping a towel around your head? Ew. Keep towels and bath mats on a regular rotation with a freshly laundered set.

While you can do your best to prevent and eliminate minor mold and mildew situations from your bathroom, sometimes it can spread hidden and unchecked. If you discover mold lurking in your bathroom or another area of your home and are concerned about how to address it, make an appointment with Stock Environmental to address the situation. With over 20 years experience, we can provide testing, inspections and assessments of the issue. Schedule your appointment at (732) 383-5190.

Unlike managing grey hair and wrinkles, keeping mold and mildew in your bathroom at bay is fairly inexpensive and — unless they come over for a shower — no one ever needs to know when you’ve let it go a bit.


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