One Lesson about Asbestos Inspections

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In 2010, after a NYC licensed asbestos investigator admitted to falsifying hundreds of asbestos assessment reports, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection began a hard crackdown on licensed investigators.

What came next were substantial increase of audits both in office and in the field. The fallout was many investigators losing their licenses or getting suspensions. For architects, building managers and owners, longer wait times and more expensive investigations became the norm.

Several months ago asbestos investigations in NYC caught headlines again when asbestos was found in a building complex scheduled for demolition in Staten Island. The buildings were said to be free of asbestos containing materials by the investigator.

It is critical if you are hiring an asbestos investigator for your project that you perform your due diligence. Get references from the investigator and check those references thoroughly. Talk to the investigator about your project and how they plan on investigating.

A poorly performed asbestos inspection can lead to health risks, potential fines for the owner and major delays in your project.

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