Is That Asbestos in Your Home?

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Asbestos is a natural fibrous material that was commonly used in building and home construction prior to the 1980’s because it had many advantages including insulation, durability and fire resistance. But health risks exist when the asbestos fibers are disturbed and become airborne and inhaled. Asbestos exposure has been linked to lung cancer and mesothelioma, and other respiratory and inflammatory illnesses.

As a result, asbestos is no longer used in building materials but is very often uncovered during renovation to a home. If you are remodeling your home, here are common places where asbestos can be found.

f you find asbestos in your home, you must take precaution not to disturb the material and release asbestos fibers. Asbestos disturbance and disposal should be performed by licensed professionals.

  1. Roofing. Commonly found on flat industrial roofing and occasionally on shingles.
  2. Gutters. Roofing gutters, cement used in soffit boards and downspouts.
  3. Outdoor decking. Under-sheeting material.
  4. Exterior siding material. Fiber cement and corrugated, heavy-duty panels. Stucco and plaster finishes.
  5. Windows. Caulking, glazing and putty. 
  6. Blown-in attic insulation. Such as vermiculite.
  7. Walls and ceilings. Textured and/or stipple coating. Gypsum board filling compound, patching and joint compounds. Some forms of paint.
  8. Electrical. Outlets, switches.
  9. Lighting. Recessed lighting and incandescent fixture backing.
  10. HVAC Insulation. Around thermal piping, fuse box, electrical wires, boilers, furnaces, furnace duct tape, door and gasket covers, wood stove heat reflectors.
  11. Flooring. Some forms of linoleum. Vinyl or thermoplastic tiles. Glue used in tiles.
  12. Fireplace. Artificial materials, logs, ashes and padding.

So stay safe and don’t mess with asbestos. You should not assume your contractor knows how to identify and remove asbestos safely. Hire a licensed asbestos abatement inspector to do a thorough assessment of your home or building including a visual inspection, material testing, and professional removal according to local, state and federal regulations.

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  • Amanda Drew

    Thanks for pointing out that asbestos was built in pre-1980s houses and that it’s often found in flooring, fireplaces, and exterior siding material. My husband and I are looking at this cute home that was built in the 1960s, but we don’t want to have to deal with that dangerous material. We’ll have to find someone who can come in and inspect the house for asbestos before we go to buy it.

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