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Stock Environmental Consulting – Mold Inspection Avon

Mold is nothing to ignore or handle yourself. Instead, call in the pros at Stock Environmental Consulting – Mold Inspection Avon. Our professionals can conduct safe, effective mold testing using all the right equipment. If you attempt to handle mold on your own, you are risking exposure to yourself, family and employees.

Mold Inspection Avon

Keep in mind, there are many mild to severe health consequences associated with mold, including:

  • Mold infections in the lungs
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Eye and skin irritation
  • Wheezing
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Rashes

From inspections and assessment to moisture testing and survey preparation, Stock Environmental Consulting – Mold Inspection Avon is the go-to firm for comprehensive mold inspections and mold testing. Get peace of mind knowing we are highly trained in the detection, testing and inspection of mold, continuing a tradition of excellence for our clients.

Mold Inspection Avon – Services

Here’s what we offer you in Avon:

  • Moisture testing of building materials
  • Referrals for mold removal
  • Prevention, education and training
  • Mold testing and inspection
  • Determination of the presence, extent, amount, or identity of mold
  • Building inspections
  • Microbial mold samples (bulk, wipe, dust, soil, tape, vacuum)
  • Assessment
  • Abatement design and management
  • Preparation of surveys showing conditions favorable for indoor mold growth
  • Consulting
  • Infrared photography

Stock Environmental Consulting – Mold Testing Avon, owned and operated by Wayne Stock, started this venture with 20 years of experience. Over the years, we’ve been glad to hone a solid reputation as your providers of full-scale mold inspections. We often work in conjunction with other professionals in the field, such as engineers, architects, and home inspectors. In addition to mold, we can test for lead and asbestos if you need those services.

We have many clients to our credit, including building owners, managers, architects, real estate agents, schools, and home owners. Through our expert services, you can rest assured we will help you protect your students, employees, clients, customers and family members from the dangerous effects of mold.

A fungi that spreads through spores, mold loves moisture. And while it is typically harmless in small quantities, it can be lethal over the long term if it’s a type like toxic black mold. Remember, water breeds mold, so never leave damp or flooded areas of wetness in your basement, crawlspace, or attic.

Enlist the help of With Stock Environmental Consulting – Mold Testing Avon to stay educated on the topic of mold and how to stay safe.

Mold Inspection Avon

You may have noticed we only provide mold removal referrals, not the actual service itself. Rest assured, we will connect you with area experts who have extensive expertise in this field. Mold removal requires the attention of trained mold removal specialists who are licensed and certified in getting rid of mold safely and effectively.

Environmental Consulting – Mold Inspection Avon entails calling mold removal specialists who will come to your property to first eliminate the source of the mold, which is moisture. After isolating the contaminated area, a light mist will be sprayed to keep dust from coating all surfaces. The specialists then remove the materials and put them in thick double plastic bags as part of safety protocol. The last step is to clean the area entirely before you are allowed back in.

Contact Stock Environmental Consulting – Mold Inspection Avon at 732-383-5190 for more information on mold testing and inspection in your community.

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