Want a Faster, Less Emotional Home Sale? Consider a Pre-Inspection

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When it comes to putting your house on the market, “forewarned is forearmed” has become the mantra for many soon-to-be sellers.

Instead of waiting around for buyers to make an offer and bring in their own inspectors, more and more sellers are opting to invest in their own pre-listing inspection as a sort of preemptive strike.

“It lets sellers take the wheel and drive the sale of their home,” said Peter Bennett, owner of A Full House Inspection Co. in Little Silver, NJ.

Pre-inspections, which are paid for by the seller before listing a home on the market, help identify potential issues and give sellers the opportunity to make repairs or adjust pricing before listing. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost for a home inspection in 2018 in the New York-New Jersey area is between $345-$477.

Getting your home inspected prior to its listing could also lead to a quicker sale, said Bennett. “A few years ago I had a seller who needed a quick sale,” he said, “so when he put the house on the market he not only had a full summary of the inspection report on hand, but a stack of invoices to confirm repairs that he had made.”

“The house was under contract in two weeks,” Bennett added.

Another advantage to getting your home inspected before listing, is that it reduces the likelihood that a buyer’s inspector uncovers costly surprises and destroys your firm deal. “Nobody wants to find out their home has mold or asbestos,” said Bennett, “but if found in advance, sellers have a chance to inspect and mitigate or adjust the sales price accordingly”.

A pre-listing inspection can benefit both buyers and sellers in numerous ways, according to Bennett:

  1. Gives buyers a greater sense of comfort with the property and helps establish a seller’s honesty
  2. Increases the home buyer’s perceived value of the property
  3. Allows seller plenty of time to make necessary repairs to market the home in the best possible light
  4. May reduce likelihood that buyer hires own inspector
  5. Eliminates emotionally and financially draining re-negotiations
  6. May increase the likelihood that serious offers could turn into closings
  7. May reduce the buyer’s negotiating leverage

If an inspection uncovers mold or asbestos issues in your home, your first step is to bring in a licensed expert to determine the extent of the situation. Stock Environmental has over 20 years of experience inspecting homes for environmental concerns. Schedule your appointment at (732) 383-5190.



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