4 Things to Do When your Home Inspection Needs a Mold Inspection

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Got mold?  You’re not alone.  Many home owners and new home buyers receive home inspection reports indicating the presence of mold.  Perhaps you’re selling a home and a potential buyer hands you an inspection report that indicates a possible mold condition. Here’s what to do when you need a mold inspection.

1. Work with a mold inspection specialist.

Look for a professional that specializes in mold inspections.  A typical home inspector does a general overview of the building envelope, systems and environment.  Most provide an excellent service, but still, they are focused on checking a wide range of problems and usually recommend bringing in a specialist if a deficiency or failure is identified.

2. Act fast but don’t panic.

Handling the situation efficiently is key, especially if time is of the essence such as in a real estate transaction. There are times when you’ll want to walk away, but also times when the presence of mold could actually make a good investment. A professional mold inspection company like Stock Environmental will provide know-how and experience – we complete hundreds of environmental inspections each year. We attend continuing education courses, and carry professional liability and workers compensation insurance.  And whether or not a real estate deal is on the line, the peace of mind that the indoor environment of your home has been evaluated by a professional who knows the difference can help you rest easier at night. Literally.

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3. Get a copy of the home inspection report.

When contacting Stock Environmental or any other environmental professional about an inspection for mold, have the home inspection report available or – better yet – forward the report in electronic form.  The quality of the information affects our ability to quantify the problem.  Evaluation of the home inspection report is key in analyzing the problem.  Stock Environmental will always review preliminary information such as home inspection reports free of charge.

4. Consider a comprehensive inspection for multiple hazards upfront.

Having a mold inspection and report from the very beginning, even before the home inspection, is especially important if time is of the essence.  Eliminate the middle man and get comprehensive results as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  Stock Environmental provides a summary report of our findings which will include a remedial plan if mold hazards are found.  We can also do asbestos surveys during the same inspection.  Testing for multiple hazards during one home visit allows us to do our job more efficiently and discount our rates to you.

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Typical turnaround time for a residential mold inspection is only 3-4 days, beginning from the date the inspection occurs and accounts for analytical turnaround time and report preparation.  We can compress this turnaround under certain conditions, but expedite surcharges would apply.  If certain deadlines are going to be a factor, they should be identified right away.

Stock Environmental is a mold and asbestos inspection specialist located conveniently in Central New Jersey and we service the entire state as well as all of New York. If you would like more information, or would like to schedule an inspection, give us a call at 732-383-5190 or e-mail us at info@stockenvironmental.com.

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