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Building managers oversee a diverse group of systems that maintain the engineered goals of a facility. There are varying facility types, and the goals may become quite complex, but generally interior building space must be kept dry and fit for occupancy of people, or some specific product – and people.

This requires proper operation of multiple systems comprising the physical and mechanical plant. When one of those systems fails, the indoor environment may become compromised. Evidence of contamination may be immediate or may take time to materialize. The introduction of moisture into the building envelope or unintended exposure of building materials can produce hazards that must be identified and require remediation.

As a consultant specializing in asbestos, lead-based paint, mold and indoor air quality, Stock Environmental provides a niche service that addresses these specific issues.

Building Managers Environmental Partners Stock EnvironmentalMost building managers have, over time, created a reliable, knowledgeable team of professionals that can be called upon to diagnose and correct problems, provide efficient preventative maintenance solutions, and who respond quickly when called.

Whether a large or small management company, just having a “guy you can trust”, a company or contractor that responds with a solution and in a timely manner, is worth its weight in gold.

Stock Environmental has prided itself on being a Strategic Partner to building managers throughout the New York Metro and greater New Jersey areas, providing qualified and discreet services in a timely manner to identify, plan around and, if necessary, remediate indoor environmental hazards.

Stock Environmental is currently working with several building management firms in New York City, and Central and Northern New Jersey providing on-going indoor air quality solutions. Current and recently completed projects include Manhattan co-op/condo/luxury rental conversions in Manhattan, private school and park maintenance in Monmouth County as well as house and townhome quality checks throughout New Jersey.

Look for additional posts on more specific aspects of our services and ways we can help building managers to a) maintain conditions at properties and b) anticipate and/or respond quickly and efficiently to indoor environmental problems including air quality, mold contamination, water damage, asbestos inspection and removal, and lead abatement.

If you would like more information, or would like to schedule an inspection, give us a call at 732-383-5190 or e-mail us at

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